Case Study – Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta

Case Study

Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta

The Hotel: Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta

Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Its privileged location in the hotel zone of Vallarta, just minutes from Marina Vallarta, the International Airport and downtown Puerto Vallarta, makes it the perfect option for couples, families or groups. The Puerto Vallarta resort is within walking distance of the best nightlife entertainment venues, outdoor pools, a host of activities for guests of all ages, and top-notch service.


Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta  offers an extraordinary gastronomic experience where its delicious and varied menus surprise the palate and awaken the senses. The culinary creations of the restaurants in Puerto Vallarta range from American favorites, traditional Mexican food to the freshest seafood and exquisite Italian preparations. The talented chefs use ingredients of the highest quality and freshness, while the variety of restaurants offer first-class service in a sensational atmosphere.

Yet despite featuring world-class menu offerings, the resort found itself competing with nearby restaurants as guests ventured to explore the local vicinity. Recognizing that guests eating offsite represented a substantial loss of revenue, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta sought out an effective solution that could incentivize guests to remain at the resort for their daily culinary needs. 

With much of the industry still grappling with staffing shortages, the resort notably strived to implement a platform that did not result in additional work for its employees and that could actually streamline operations in order to boost overall efficiency while maximizing sales volumes.

The Goal

After experiencing the impressive financial results that UpStay’s upselling technology achieved in promoting room upgrades, the resort desired to extend the platform to promote its all-inclusive meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Using UpStay, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta notably sought to connect with pre-arrival guests while they are still making plans for an upcoming trip in order to maximize the likelihood of a successful sale.

Leveraging UpStay to increase onsite restaurant traffic would also receive a boost from the platform’s AI-based abilities that can personalize promotional messaging according to individual guest preferences. Importantly, UpStay’s industry-leading capabilities are fully automated and represent no additional work for resort staff who are frequently occupied catering to the needs of currently visiting guests. The platform’s user-friendly interface also serves as a crucial component in providing resort staff with the ability to easily revise offer details or add new promotions without resulting in countless hours of making updates.

The Product

As an existing UpStay customer, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta was effortlessly able to activate the solution’s ready-to-use meal enhancement feature. Equipped with this advanced functionality, the resort can automatically and instantly communicate with pre-arrival guests and provide them with custom-tailored incentives to add a discounted meal plan to their resort reservation.

UpStay is uniquely able to personalize restaurant promotional offers by evaluating the impact of previous messaging efforts on various guest micro-segments. Armed with such high-value analytics, UpStay can identify which offering best resonates with a specific guest type, maximizing promotional visibility and property revenues as a result. At the same time, UpStay’s ability to personalize experiences also empowers the resort to deliver on each and every guest expectation and increase satisfaction scores. Notably for resort leadership, UpStay further monitors and provides detailed insight into sales conversion performance of each individual promo campaign, allowing the resort to identify which campaigns deliver optimal results and which are in need of adjustment. Via the UpStay dashboard, any required promo updates can be performed completely hassle-free, ensuring that upselling strategies are always able to readily adapt to shifting business needs, industry conditions and guest perceptions of value.

The Results

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Conversion Rate

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Guest Avg. Incremental Spend

$ 0

Revenue Per Offer

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Annual Automated Revenue

With the additional deployment of UpStay for its onsite dining venue, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta has seen both revenue and restaurant reservation numbers increase dramatically. Since leveraging the solution to target pre-arrival guests, the resort has experienced a 9% sales conversion rate with each offer representing approximately $69 in revenue. Using UpStay’s intuitive dashboard, the resort could significantly recognize and act upon the fact that conversion rates are higher when a guest receives offers just a few days prior to check-in.

Since utilizing the full potential of UpStay for its upselling efforts, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta has seen guest incremental spend increase to an average of $762. This translates into $111,792 in automated annual revenue- all without drawing resort staff away from other responsibilities while ensuring that offerings always align with guest expectations.

Following the drastic improvements in revenue from guestroom upgrades and meal plan purchases, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta is next set to leverage UpStay technology to boost the performance of ad-hoc special dinner l offerings. An advanced upselling platform that can seamlessly adapt to the evolving needs and priorities of hotel businesses, UpStay will allow the resort to instantly push specialized restaurant offerings as soon as they become available in order to ensure high success rates and even greater profitability.