UpStay Supports Hotels’ Recovery with New Freemium Plan


Give your revenues an upgrade

Offer your guests an opportunity to enhance their stay at your hotel and get maximum return on unsold premium inventory.

Enhance guest experience and generate new revenue streams for your hotel

Unlock significant new revenue streams

Our smart upgrade bidding solution maximizes your premium room inventory revenue potential.

Increase profits from premium rooms

Monetize unique room features to create additional revenues. Minimize free upgrades and unsold inventory.

Boost guest satisfaction and loyalty

Everybody loves an upgrade and we’re offering your guests a stay experience beyond their expectations.

Deliver real results to your bottom line, faster

UpStay’s fully automated solution has zero overhead for your front desk or reservations team. With our seamless integration and technology that reflects your brand voice and strategy, we deliver a difference to your bottom line in the fastest possible time to market.

Powered by UpStay

We provide a tailor made, revenue generating solution to leisure, business, boutique, resort, and other types of hotels.

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