UpStay Innovation Launch Winner at Phocuswright Event 2021

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UpStay Innovation Launch Winner at Phocuswright

The Phocuswright Conference is one of the most popular events in the travel industry. It has a 25-years long tradition and, over the years, it has become an event that attracts the most influential leaders in the travel sector, tackling trends in the industry and technology and innovation. 

The Phocuswright Conference 2021 went under the slogan “Smarter. Bolder. Better.”This year, the event focused on technological solutions that pack the transformative power able to help businesses in the travel sector in different verticals.

Innovation Launch is part of the Phocuswright Summit program for bringing innovation to the travel scene and every year has a special place at the Phocuswright Conference. Its main goal is to support the startup community, bringing startups working on breakthrough innovation into focus. It’s the event that keeps Phocuswright at the forefront of innovation.

On this year’s Launch edition, UpStay, the data-driven, fully-automated, post-booking yield optimization platform that is reinventing the way hoteliers unlock new revenue, was the winner of Innovation Launch 2021.

Maína Pietrobelli, VP of Business Development at UpStay at Phocuswright 2021

UpStay at Phocuswright

Phocuswright travel experts saw the transformative power of UpStay solution for hoteliers and selected to participate in this year’s Launch.  Hundreds of innovative travel startups apply to participate in this event, yet an international jury selected only nine to participate in the Innovation Launch this year.  

Maína Pietrobelli, VP of Business Development at UpStay, was in charge of representing UpStay on stage, pitching for 6 minutes to the crowd about how hoteliers could take advantage of using the power of big data and automation.

UpStay on Stage With Maina Pietrobelli, VP of business development

Maína most certainly made every second count on stage. She went into detail explaining how UpStay tech can benefit hoteliers by unlocking new revenue streams while engaging their customers at the same time.

One of the most exciting points Maína highlighted is that hotels are often only focusing on distribution. To gain an advantage and increase profitability, hotels need to identify and pursue all opportunities for generating new revenue.

With UpStay, it becomes a streamlined process as their solution leverages data to match the right products to the right guests and target them with attractive offers during a post-booking stage.

“We are honored to be selected to present our tech at Innovation Launch 2021. It’s time hoteliers take advantage of the technology available on the market to sell ancillary services; they can benefit enormously from it,” Maína commented after winning the Award. 

If you miss UpStay pitch at Phocuswright, you can watch it on the link below.

One of the common gaps in the hospitality industry that Maína commented on during her presentation is that more than 60% of guests would like to purchase ancillary services/products during their stay, and 90% of hotels do not offer ancillary products to their guests in a systematic manner

Hotels do not have the access or the resources to develop data-driven tools or automation in-house,” Maína explained during her presentation on stage. That’s why UpStay’s solution uses dynamic pricing, including their Bid-For-Upgrade system to generate 3X higher conversion rates and value.  

UpStay was founded in 2019 and has been growing fast. Up to now, more than 120 hotel brands in 30 countries have used UpStay to generate new revenue streams and convert up to 20% of guests to buy pre-arrival room upgrades and ancillaries.

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Graduated from Standford University, Arielle has over 5 years of experience in the Hospitality industry. She holds an MBA in business administration from the IDC Herzliya, Israel. She currently works as Account Manager at UpStay, building and maintaining strong, long-lasting customer relationships. She is deeply passionate about helping hoteliers unlock significant new revenue streams from unsold premium inventory.


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