The South Summit 2021 Committee Selects UpStay to Present its Innovative Solution During This Year’s Summit

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What started as a collaboration between Spain Startup and IE Business School today grew into a complex ecosystem connecting businesses and investors with innovative startups. The South Summit 2021 takes place this October 5th-7th at La Nave in Madrid.

The South Summit emerged as one of the best summits to visit whether you are a startup, investor, or business owner looking for new opportunities. 

South Summit continues to break its own records year-over-year, attracting over 4,000 corporates, 6,000 founders, and hundreds of investors. The investment portfolio is often above $50 billion.

This year’s summit will touch on several topics essential for success in the modern era, including resilience and sustainability. Christopher Gavigan, CoFounder of The Honest Company; Gunter Pauli, Founder & Director of Zeri; and Maria Mendiluce, CEO of We Mean Business, are the most prominent names among this years’ keynote speakers.

South Summit is always looking for ideas that are making a difference in the technological sector, especially in the tourism vertical. In Spain, a country where the tourism and hospitality industries are the cornerstones of its economy and outstanding drivers of economic and social development. Just in 2018, the sector sustained 13.5% of employment, which roughly translates into 2.6 million direct jobs. That’s why SS2021 looked for the best solutions to help the industry overcome the effects of COVID’19. One of the data-driven solutions that have been selected among 4000 international startups is UpStay, one of the most profitable Stay-Upgrade Solutions for the Hotel Industry.

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The company focuses on bringing innovative solutions to the hospitality industry. UpStay’s solution sparked interest for its cutting-edge app built to empower hoteliers with data and automation. Over 1,000 hoteliers around the world use it to generate additional revenue streams through selling pre-arrival room upgrades and additional ancillaries

‘We noticed that the airline industry achieved great performance with data-driven dynamic pricing and personalization, implementing attribute-based pricing and upselling, as well as smart systems that capture more value for both them and their customers. Hotels, however, do not always have the access or the resources to develop data-driven automation in-house, although they are players who can benefit from such enormously. UpStay’s CEO, Tzafrir Blonder.

The most noteworthy advantages of using UpStay include:

  • Increased ADR
  • Increased sales of high-margin hotel products
  • Boosted stay experience and guest satisfaction
  • Removes the risks of face-to-face upselling

UpStay was founded in 2019, but this company experienced a huge leap during the pandemic. Hoteliers around the world were (and still are) looking for new technology and solutions that can help them to optimize their profits in this highly digital world.

“We give guests access to a stay experience which is sometimes beyond their expectations or their reach – a better room for a great price. When a hotel uses UpStay, it creates a win-win situation for itself and its guests. It gives its guests an improved experience for an amazing value but at the same time generates profits that would have been lost otherwise. From our experience, this generates a very positive brand perception and encourages guest loyalty.” explained UpStay´s CEO.

Tzafrir Blonder, CEO at UpStay, during his presentation in South Summit 2021

UpStay participated in the South Summit on Wednesday, 6th of October at 15.30h CEST. If you want to see what the latest innovative tech has to offer to entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry, feel free to stop by and discover UpStay’s solution.

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