UpStay to Participate at Phocuswright Conference 2021

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The Phocuswright Conference is a conference with a 25-year-long history. It is a place that gathers the travel industry’s leaders from all over the globe, including visionaries, tinkerers, and innovators. It is a place where you can meet future business partners, gain funding, and get inspired to make big changes in your company.

This Phocuswright Conference 2021 will be held under the “Smarter. Bolder. Better.” emphasizing the qualities needed to cushion the COVID-19 blow and come on top of it. The conference calls for the renaissance in the travel sector and a fresh perspective.

The conference is scheduled to start on November 15th, and it will last until November 17th at Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Florida.

This year’s Innovation Launch will be particularly interesting. Innovation and paradigm-shifting are the only two things that can genuinely help recuperate the travel sector and facilitate the renaissance. UpStay just couldn’t miss this year’s conference.

What is the Innovation Launch About

Innovation Launch is all about recognizing the startups that are the lifeblood of the travel sector, especially the ones leveraging technology to drive innovation and progress.

Many startups continue to innovate despite the worldwide pandemic. Their talent, effort, and dedication enable them to deliver transformative cutting-edge travel technologies. The competition is harsh given that Innovation Launch only selects eight companies to present at the Phocuswright Innovation Summit.

The Innovation Summit is not only reserved for startups but companies too. It makes the competition even harsher and quite an achievement to be selected among the top 9.

Innovation Launch Selects UpStay to Participate in Competition

The great news is that UpStay was selected to participate in the Innovation Summit at Phocuswright Conference 2021. Hotel technologies that unlock new revenue are crucial for hotel industry recovery. This is a time where hoteliers are actively looking to increase their margins automatically.

UpStay will be presenting a solution that is being used by more than 1200 hoteliers worldwide. During the last year, UpStay has been optimizing hotel chain inventory with the best-performing hotel-stay upgrade solution on the market. It completely digitizes and automates the pre-arrival upselling sequence, leveraging data to match the right products with the right guests.

Great solutions have been selected to be on stage with UpStay. Each of the nine presenters will have the time on stage to talk about their company’s contribution and the innovative solution it delivered. After the demonstration, the PhocusGroup consisting of 8 members will provide in-session commentary and feedback.

Who Will Represent UpStay on Stage?

Maína Pietrobelli, VP of Business Development at UpStay, will pitch UpStay on the stage as the first fully-automated pre-arrival upselling platform. Maina has been working with UpStay from the very beginning, expanding the business in new markets overseas.

Here at UpStay, we are honored to have been chosen as the only innovative hotel tech solution to participate in such a well-known international event. And, we are sure that this will be just the beginning. Presenting our solution at such a stage will connect Hoteliers worldwide, enlarge our market reach, and explore more opportunities.

Come and join us at Phocuswright Conference! To attend the conference, you can register at the following link.

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