Upsell and its Perks: 4 Ways to Improve Hotel Guest Experience Before Arrival

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Top-of-the-line hotels, resorts, and hotel chains are always looking for new ways to improve their guest satisfaction and revenue, which can be quite a difficult thing to do. Just like any innovation, the stage needs to be set before any changes are due.

There is no better time than now for outstanding hotels and resorts to invest in their internal operations. The best way that businesses can invest is by being proactive. A proactive approach entails investing in the guest experience before they even check into the hotel. This investment is sure to improve the guest experience and thus increase revenue.

Below, we’ll give you four ways to improve the hotel guest experience before arrival, which is sure to result in a fantastic return on investment.

Advanced Automation Systems

The future is all about automation. Hotels and the hospitality industry as a whole have experienced a necessary renaissance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Through automation, hotels can increase efficiency and streamline processes to go on before the guest even arrives. Every internal function in the hospitality industry should remain behind closed doors and should not affect the guest in any way possible.

Through advanced automation systems, hotels can offer digital room keys and IoT concierge services to cut down operation costs significantly. Aside from digital automation, statistics show that cleanliness is one of the top guest priorities, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. This part can also be automated by using cleaning robots such as Xenex and other service technology.

Cloud-Based Property Management Solutions

A good way for hotels to improve the guest experience and cut down on costs is to implement a cloud-based PMS. By introducing such a management system, hotels can centralize all their data, streamline functionality, and add much-needed flexibility to their operations.

It makes day-to-day activities far more straightforward, thus improving many-a aspects of guest experience before they ever come close to the hotel. Hotels deal with a lot of data, not only about their operations but also about their customers. With data breaches becoming worryingly common, security should be the top priority of fantastic hotels. Maximizing data security is further streamlined if you opt for a cloud-based PMS.

By utilizing a software solution like this, hotels can improve their staff’s productivity through more efficient management. Lastly, this will significantly reduce costs in numerous areas of the hospitality industry. It streamlines employee management and data accumulation and centralizes hotels’ most internal operations, leaving hoteliers with more time to devote to their guests.

Bidding System Integration

The introduction of bidding systems shows promise to revolutionize the way that guests interact with hotels entirely. Through this technology, guests can enhance their experience and get the most bang for their buck – all while allowing hotels to get the maximum possible return on unsold premium inventory.

Just like any other buzzing new technology, this one operates automatically – it offers guests with up-to-date, personalized offers that allow them to place bids on potential room upgrades before their stay at the hotel. Studies show that consumers are 75% more likely to purchase a product if the offer is personalized.

That’s highly beneficial for the hotels, as software like this will automatically match winning bids to the unsold premium inventory.

That works in real-time, meaning that the data garnered from real-time inventory analysis is automatically packaged within a personalized message to the consumer – increasing revenue-per-available-room, saving time and money, and ultimately improving the guest experience with affordable upgrade options.

IoT Incorporation

Since the future is as automated as possible, it includes introducing smart hotels and contactless solutions. Data accumulation, AI, and cloud-based solutions allow companies to garner data, process it, and implement many viable solutions that will improve the customer experience.

Today, hotels can improve accommodation by analyzing what their guests require before their arrival, allowing them to prepare everything, just how the unique consumer likes it. IoT technology is at the forefront of smart hotels, as it allows for integration with other devices.

While this technology allows guests to set the stage anyway, they enable hoteliers to personalize rooms before the guests arrive, significantly augmenting UX. Through IoT, hotels can implement contactless booking, dining, and room service – which are becoming far more prevalent in light of recent events.

In Conclusion

Improving guest experience while maximizing a return on investment is the hospitality industry’s priority. Since the global pandemic has changed the world of travel, tourism, and accommodation, the latest solutions promise to solve the many up-and-coming problems hoteliers are beginning to face daily.

The four different ways to improve the guest experience before arrival listed in this article are all bound to streamline how your hotel operates, make your guests feel right at home, and improve your ROI by a considerable margin.

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Graduated from Standford University, Arielle has over 5 years of experience in the Hospitality industry. She holds an MBA in business administration from the IDC Herzliya, Israel. She currently works as Account Manager at UpStay, building and maintaining strong, long-lasting customer relationships. She is deeply passionate about helping hoteliers unlock significant new revenue streams from unsold premium inventory.


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