Is this GDPR compliant?


We process your guest’s personal data in strict compliance with GDPR and your own Privacy Policy. You remain the Data Controller and thus have complete control over any data that you send to us. We are the Data Processor and purely process your data according to your instructions. We help you to process the booking for which you have already gained consent from the guest. All personal data is encrypted and deleted as soon as the guest checks in/out of the hotel.


Is UpStay a white label solution?


With UpStay – all guests' engagement reflects your brand and voice through a seamless experience across your environment.


How is UpStay better than other upselling solutions?

UpStay’s lowercase targeting and decision engines ensure non-yield dilutive incremental ancillary revenue and deliver best-in-class results. UpStay engages guests over a clear pain-point and call-to-action, uses data, and deploys Machine Learning to increase conversions through dynamic messaging, layout, pricing constantly, and timing.


What does it take to integrate with UpStay?

It is currently integrated with several leading vendors and we are constantly adding more. UpStay is fully automatic and does not require any intervention or training of hotel personnel. Contact us to inquire about integration with your hotels.


How does UpStay get paid?

UpStay charges the hotel a commission on the up-sell revenue generated from guests.