Case Study – Leonardo Royal Resort Eilat

Case Study

Leonardo Royal Resort Eilat

The Hotel: Leonardo Royal Resort Eilat

Leonardo Royal Resort Eilat offers luxury accommodation and unparalleled hospitality in an advantageous location, steps from the Ice Mall and close to the lagoon and its delightful marina, the Eilat promenade and Hananya Beach. From deluxe suites to rooms with attractive poolside views, the high-end Israeli resort caters to any guest expectation for an enjoyable and relaxing stay experience.

A location able to attract a diverse range of travel segments, Leonardo Royal Resort Eilat boasts a wide range of amenities including swimming pools, live performances, meeting and event spaces as well as dining options able to suit any palate.

Thanks to its ideal location, there are many shopping opportunities close to the resort, as well as several cafes, restaurants, and nightlife venues for guests to choose from.


Leonardo Royal Resort’s main restaurant offers a welcoming atmosphere where guests can find the perfect meal for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, despite offering a range of dietary enticements, including a dairy buffet featuring pastries, cheeses and salads as well as several exquisite dishes cooked in front of guests, the resort found itself competing with several local restaurants. With a sizeable number of its guests instead opting to venture to nearby restaurant options which while regarded as among Eilat’s most renowned dining establishments, the resort found that it was losing out on revenue necessary to maintain business profitability and growth.

Traditional means of promoting its restaurant proved ineffective in stemming the outward flow of business, while staff members found themselves with having to make an extra effort in upselling the resort’s dining services. This would ultimately result in an inefficient use of employee time and resources that showed little progress in increasing revenue.

The Goal:

Leonardo Royal Resort Eilat sought out an effective solution that could entice travelers back to its own restaurant and increase revenues earned per guest. Resort leadership specifically desired the ability to communicate special offers that would resonate according to individual guest preferences in order to maximize the likelihood of attracting their business.

Having previously adopted UpStay as a platform capable of boosting pre-arrival room upgrades, the resort also recognized that the timing of communication with guests would play a crucial factor in attracting them to the onsite restaurant. However, key to achieving this goal would be the adopting of a solution offering full automation over the sending and managing of guest-facing communications. Leonardo Royal Resort Eilat notably recognized that relying on staff members alone to personalize and submit promotional restaurant offers would be impractical given the resort’s large volume of arriving guests.

The Product:

As a customer leveraging the UpStay upselling platform, Leonardo Royal Resort Eilat opted to activate the solution’s ready-to-use meal enhancement feature. Utilizing the same advanced AI and machine-learning abilities proven to convert 20% of pre-arrival guests into room upgrades, UpStay is likewise capable of maximizing restaurant revenues by automatically tailoring offerings to the unique preferences of each guest.


UpStay significantly achieves heightened customization of restaurant offerings by automatically tracking how micro segments of guests react to specific promotions and adjusting future promotional messaging accordingly. This ultimately results in promotional offerings that better resonate with guest interests, maximizing the likelihood of them visiting a property’s restaurant and boosting business revenues as a result.

Key to UpStay’s enhanced success in increasing the number of restaurant customers is also its ability to engage with guests at the most optimal time for attracting their business. UpStay notably sends promo offers to guests prior to their arrival while they are still planning out their trip itineraries. This places a property’s dining options front and center in the minds of guests, while the ability to book meals pre-arrival not only adds an extra layer of convenience but also results in capturing revenue that may otherwise go to competing establishments once a guest arrives.

The Results:

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Conversion Rate

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Guest Avg. Incremental Spend

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Revenue Per Offer

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Annual Automated Revenue

Thanks to the deployment of UpStay’s meal enhancement feature, Leonardo Royal Resort Eilat has since experienced a significant uptick in sales for its onsite restaurant. Data collected by the platform notably demonstrated that restaurant sale conversion rates were higher when guests received offers several days prior to check-in. According to the analytics, 1 in 10 guests are now adding a pre-arrival dinner to their stay at Leonardo Royal Resort Eilat.

Demonstrating the enhanced value of UpStay’s tailored promotional offerings, the resort has further recognized an average incremental spend of $143 per guest. This includes earning approximately $14.9 per offer made to guests, resulting in $75,400 in revenue that is fully automated and that takes no additional effort on the part of staff.