About Us

We help hoteliers enhance their guests experiences while giving their bottom line an upgrade.

We are travel enthusiasts. Like many others, we have spent a significant part of our lives on airplanes and in hotel rooms and always have looked for ideas to enhance our experience away from home.

Over the last decade, we saw digital merchandising companies, such as Amazon and Booking.com, leverage technology to offer their customers better products, clearly-communicated benefits, product bundling, urgency messaging, and more.

We feel that hotels have still yet to embrace and show the same level of focus, specifically with respect to ancillary sales, missing out on a unique win-win opportunity to serve their guests better and generate billions of dollars of revenue.

UpStay was founded to enable hotels leverage the rich variety of data points available to them and seize the opportunity to upsell additional products and services throughout the wealth of touchpoints they have with their guests.

Our mission is to empower hotels to build stronger relationships with their guests and to enhance the value of their brand. UpStay isn’t about getting a guest to spend more by any means necessary. It’s about hitting the sweet spot of giving guests the best possible experience, and providing them with services that they’re happy to spend extra on.